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Hearmobile delivers the convenience of to-your-door hearing health services to west Denver Metro area residents. Our mission is eliminating mobility as a barrier to best-in-class hearing health care, the latest technology, assessment and diagnostic methods, and exceptional service.


High-tech Treatment. Old-fashioned Service.

Mobile Hearing Assessments

Hearmobile uses the latest 'boothless' audiometry and real ear measurement technology to ensure accurate hearing assessment, maximize your comfort and individual hearing experience.

Hearing Aids & Treatment

Hearmobile offers hearing aids and assistive devices from top-brand manufacturers, as part of a complete plan to treat your unique hearing needs and personal listening lifestyle.

Ongoing, To-Your-Door Service

Hearmobile is your ongoing hearing health journey partner, offering you the continued convenience of to-your-door hearing aid adjustments, service, supplies, and repair.

Meet Dr. Adele Seitz, AuD

Adele Seitz, AuD is a licensed Doctor of Audiology and founder of Hearmobile. With over 20 years of experience delivering exceptional, personalized hearing health care, Dr. Adele most enjoys helping each of her patients experience life to its fullest through better hearing.

Contact Hearmobile today to discuss your hearing concerns or to schedule a mobile hearing assessment with Dr. Adele.

“I'm so grateful for the exceptional, professional care my mother receives from Dr. Adele at Hearmobile.
The convenience and security of having Mom's hearing needs managed at home is such a blessing.”

Sarah Johnson — Arvada, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hearmobile?

Dr. Adele Seitz, AuD, licensed Audiologist and Hearmobile owner, recognized that health, mobility, complex transportation challenges and environmental safety/security concerns were leaving a growing population underserved by the traditional, in-office, hearing health services model.

Combining her dedication to providing best-in-class hearing health care with the latest in portable, 'boothless' audiometry, hearing treatment methods and technology, Dr. Seitz envisioned a better solution – where 'the doctor visits the patient.' Hearmobile is the result of her vision.

Is Hearmobile truly an all-mobile practice?

Yes! All services – including your initial consultation, hearing evaluation/assessment, hearing aid fitting, adjustments, continued treatment and service needs – are performed in the comfort and safety of your own home/location. No more arranging/waiting for ride services or relying on family members to shuttle you to and from appointments at an office-based hearing clinic. 

Is Hearmobile care as good as an office-based clinic?

Yes... often better! Hearmobile delivers a full spectrum of best-in-class hearing health services right to your door. Utilizing the latest 'boothless' audiometry and real ear measurement technology ensures accurate assessment and maximizes your comfort, convenience and personalized hearing experience. 

Is addressing my hearing loss important for my overall health?

Absolutely! Left untreated, hearing loss may lead to an increased risk of both physical and cognitive issues such tinnitus ['ringing' in the ears], memory loss, difficulty learning new tasks — even dementia. Addressing hearing loss early, regular hearing assessments, and timely intervention can all play crucial roles in maintaining overall phyisical and cognitive health.

What hearing aid manufacturers do you work with?

Hearmobile offers hearing aids and assistive devices from top-brand manufacturers, including Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Signia, and ReSound.

Are Hearmobile hearing aids and services affordable?

Hearmobile offers a wide selection of top-brand hearing aids and assitive devices to best treat individual hearing needs and deliver performance/convenience features at varying price points.

Hearmobile also offers flexible, value-driven services and Service Plans, financing programs and assists patients who may or may not have hearing health insurance benefits available.

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Hearmobile serves the west Denver Metro area, including Westminster, Broomfield, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Northglenn, Thornton, Arvada, Golden, Edgewater, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood.

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